Chiara Condello, Emilia-Romagna, Italien


Chiara Condello är den unga stjärnan i byn Predappio belägen i det vackra Emilia-Romagna. Förutom att producera sina egna viner är hon också ansvarig för familjens egendom Condé som lämnats över från far till dotter.


Här några ord från Chiara:


"The Project

Le Lucciole was born from my desire to give a revolutionary interpretation of my land. To make a Sangiovese that returns exactly my ideas of winemaking. I work following a concept: I would love to produce a wine that express the high potential of my land, releasing it from all the things that are not essential. I have chosen a little piece of land close to a forest, in the heart of the appellation Predappio, exposed to east, at 250 meters above sea level. Here the vines are deeply rooted in a poor calcareous-clay soil which is rich in pliocenic sandstones called Spungone. Here 3 million years ago there was a sea, and from here I started working to produce a wine that is the expression of this uniqueness.


The Philosophy

In my wines I seek the authentic expression of my land, its history, its soul. I imagine a bright pure wine, that is born from the unrepeatable conditions of the vintage and of its terroir of origin. To reach that, I have decided to work in a simple way, following the dictates of organic viticulture and handcrafted winery management.



I have followed a path: organic viticulture, attention and respect for the plants and the soil, manual workings, organic fertilization, mechanical weeding and a very low use of sulphur and copper for crop-pest control. Before being a good winemaker, it’s important to have healthy and balanced vineyards. That’s why I follow the vineyards every day, with the goal of bringing in the cellar healthy and mature grapes that does not require any correction."


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