Gizella Pince, Tokaj, Ungern


"The Tokaj wine region – being a world heritage site since 2002 – is one of the most multi-diversified volcanic soil based wine-growing area. Founded by my grandparents, the Gizella Winery is headquartered in the city of Tokaj. Currently I’m engaged in producing wines from 8 different vineyards in the region such as historical Deák, Barát, Szil-völgy, Bige, Kastély, Medve, Szent Tamás and Bomboly, all of them feature exceptional conditions for wine making and offer a real challenge of bottling the harvest each year. I make single vineyard selections and natural dessert wines with limited series. By exploiting the unique characteristics of the single vineyard sites, all of my wines have distinctive attributes which reflect the outstandingly complex terroir. A highlighted project of mine is to reconstruct and promote the well known vineyard of Tokaj called Szil-völgy. Written records firstly mentioned this site in 1612 and it has been classified as a first class vineyard ever since.”


László Szilágyi, winemaker


 411 08  GÖTEBORG
TEL. 070-3669727